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A $150 deposit will be required to cover items such as tonnage or extra days. Any monies will be refunded after the container is weighed in and the tonnage dollar amount has been determined and deducted from the deposit.

Tonnage Rate - Over limit $50 per ton.

Deposit - A $150 deposit will be required to cover items such as tonnage or extra days. This money will be partially refunded after the container is weighed in and the tonnage dollar amount has been determined and deducted from the deposit.

Unacceptable Materials - Extra charges are imposed if hazardous materials, wet garbage, palms or tree trunks are found in our debris boxes. The following list of hazardous items can not be placed in our debris boxes: Pesticides, Paint or Paint thinner, Fluorescent Lights, Medical Waste, Asbestos, Gasoline, Insecticides, Poisons, Propane Tanks, Car Batteries and Motor Oil.

Do Not Overload Debris Box - Do not place materials above the sides of the dumpster. A minimum $55 fee will be charged if box is overfilled.

Weekly Box Rental is 3, 5, & 10 days depending on order - A charge of $25 for every additional day will be assessed for a dumpster rental over maximum days. In order to conserve fuel, we may drop-off your box a day early or pick-up (2) days later. If your service date does get adjusted, you will not be charged an additional day fee.

Dry Run Charge - Do not block the container the day of pick-up and please allow enough room for a safe pick-up. If the pick-up date of your debris box needs to change, you must call our office 24 hours before scheduled pick-up date. If driver tries to pick-up box and is not able to due to a schedule change or if blocked, a minimum $75 Dry Run fee will be charged. A relocation fee of $150 will be charged for moving the container.

Dumpster Relocation - A relocation fee of $150 will be charge for moving the container.

Damage to Pavement - Customer takes full responsibility for any damage that may be caused to driveways, asphalt, lawns, sidewalks, etc. We recommend lying plywood down in the area the box will be placed.

Use of Equipment - The debris box that we furnish will remain property of iTakeJunk Toledo Ohio. Customer responsible for any loss or damage resulting from your handling of our box, except for normal wear and tear. Customer will not move or alter the debris box and will take reasonable precautions to prevent others from doing the same. Customer will use the debris box only for its intended purpose.

*Note - All Dumpsters have a 2-ton (4000lbs) limit. $50.00 charge for each ton over limit. $25.00 for each additional day over.

Dumpster Rental Additional Charges/Prohibited items 

For insurance, regulatory and health & safety reasons, we CAN NOT accept hazardous waste materials, including tires, old style box TVs/monitors (ie. CRTs), paint or paint cans full of paint, noxious chemicals, solvents, motor oils, petrol cans, asbestos, vehicle batteries, raw meat and fish, medical or biological waste (including feces), or any toxic substances in a rented dumpster. An additional charge will apply if any restricted materials are inside the dumpster. Service Areas




about Roll Off Containers

Trash piles up very quickly, especially if you are remodeling your residence. It can be stressful trying to contain your garbage as your neighbors complain about the unsightliness. This is where iTakeJunk Inc. comes in. Our roll-off dumpsters are the best solution because we bring them to wherever you’re located and place them where you need them. Whether you are starting a new construction project or you’ve decided to renovate your bathroom, check out iTakeJunk’s vast inventory to find our different size dumpsters to accommodate your needs. We even have dumpsters designed to carry hazardous materials, that way you’re sure to follow building code standards and avoid fines. Environmentally friendly? We have options that allow you to recycle materials in a separate compartment and throw out trash in another. Working for a commercial enterprise? We have roll-off dumpsters that can be moved alongside trash compactors for easy management. Trust in iTakeJunk’s sturdy bins today to keep your waste under control.

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