Please be sure to check our frequently asked questions to see if there’s information that you are looking for before ordering a dumpster.

What Are the Advantages of Using a Hook-Lift (roll-off style) Dumpster System?

This dumpster rental system has several important attributes:

Our hook-lift system allows us to drop off dumpsters in narrow areas.

Some of the dumpster delivery trucks we use to carry our containers are smaller than those used with the track-cable system, allowing us to place containers in tighter spots and on less-sturdy surfaces.

This dumpster system also allows us to softly place containers on your asphalt, concrete, and lawn.

What Can’t I Put in A Dumpster?

We CANNOT accept:

  • Paint
  • Pesticides
  • Fluorescent Lights
  • Gasoline
  • Propane Tanks
  • Insecticides
  • Electronics (i.e., TVs/Computer Monitors)
  • Chemicals
  • Solvents of any kind
  • Asbestos
  • Oil Drums
  • Radioactive
  • Volatile
  • Highly Flammable
  • Explosive
  • Bio-Medical
  • Infectious
  • Wet Cement
  • Hazardous or Toxic Materials
  • Vehicle Batteries

Free Liquids of Any Kind Are NOT Allowed in the Dumpster.

Tires – $10 fee per item (If the sidewalls of the tire are cut out, there is no charge)

Liability for appropriate waste remains with the customer as agreed to in the terms and conditions of service.

Is There a Weight Limit?

Yes. Please call before loading with dirt / rock / concrete / asphalt / shingles / plaster.

Standard dumpster rentals have the following weight allowances:

  • 6 yards – 2-ton weight limit
  • 10 yards – 2-ton weight limit
  • 15 yards – 2-ton weight limit
  • 20 yards – 2-ton weight limit

*Note – All dumpsters have a 2-ton (4000lbs) limit.

Should you be loading heavy material, like rock, dirt, concrete, sod, brick, shingles, or asphalt, please get in touch with us for instructions on loading.

The charge for the weight of contents that’s beyond the specified limit above is $50/ton.

Can I Fill the Dumpster to the Top?

All materials are required to be inside the hook-lift dumpster. Nothing should be over the top of the container. We are not allowed to pick up containers that are over-full. It will be your responsibility to remove the excess, and a return trip fee will be charged to return and pick up the dumpster.

The minimum $55 fee will be charged if the box is overfilled.

How Long Can I Keep the Dumpster?

The standard dumpster rental period is 7 days. You can also rent for 2 weeks, just give us a call. Rental periods can always be extended if needed for an additional fee.

A charge of $25 for every additional day will be assessed for a dumpster rental over the maximum number of days.

Dry Run Charge?
Do not block the container the day of pick-up, and please allow enough room for a safe pick-up. If the pick-up date of your debris box needs to change, you must call our office 24 hours before the scheduled pick-up date. If the driver tries to pick-up box and it is not able to due to a schedule change or if it is blocked, a minimum $75 Dry Run fee will be charged. A relocation fee of $150 will be charged for moving the container.
Will the Container Be Picked Up Automatically?

Yes. We will automatically return on the set date to pick up the container, unless the date has been adjusted.

In order to conserve fuel, we may drop off your box a day earlier or pick it up two (2) days later. If your service date does get adjusted, you will not be charged an additional day fee.

Will the Dumpster Damage My Property?

Our team respects your property. Hence, we make every effort to make sure that no damage is caused. We have protective barriers placed between your property and our hook-lift dumpsters to ensure no damage is done. To ensure more protection, we recommend lying plywood down in the area the box will be placed.

The customer takes full responsibility for any damage that may be caused to driveways, asphalt, lawns, sidewalks, etc.

Can I Move the Container?

No. We do what we can to place your container in a safe and convenient place, so you do not have to move your container. Moving containers causes damage to the underside. If damage occurs, you are responsible for the cost to correct.

As the renter of the dumpster, you are responsible for the contents of the container and any damage that occurs to our container while it’s on your site.

If you need us to move the container, a relocation fee of $150 will be charged for moving the container.

If you’d like to ask us more questions, feel free to do so! We encourage you to give us a call or send us a message.